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Initiating a Crosschain Transaction from a Smart Contract

It is possible to initiate an NXTP crosschain transaction from a smart contract. This allows NXTP to be used as a "money lego" and integrated into DeFi applications. For example, one can write a contract to swap on Uniswap or SushiSwap and directly transfer the received tokens across chains.


In order to initiate a crosschain transaction, you will need to retrieve a signed bid from a router. This can be done by using the getTransferQuote method in the SDK. This quote can then be put on chain using the prepare method.

Th smart contract can then use the prepare function on the TransactionManager contract using its interface.

The deployed contract addresses can be found in the deployments.json.


// SPDX-License-Identifier: UNLICENSEDpragma solidity 0.8.4;
import "./interfaces/ITransactionManager.sol";
contract CrossChain {  private immutable ITransactionManager transactionManager;
  constructor() public {    transactionManager = ITransactionManager(0x80623b8534d855479Ff4621caBE65d451A81BDFe); // from deployments.json  }
  function transfer(    address user,    InvariantTransactionData calldata invariantData, // contains swap info such as assets, router, chains    uint256 expiry,    bytes calldata encryptedCallData, // optional calldata    bytes calldata encodedBid, // bid from router    bytes calldata bidSignature // router's sig on bid  ) public returns (TransactionData memory) {
    // ...    // do some stuff    // ...
    return transactionManager.prepare(      invariantData,      amount,      expiry,      encryptedCallData,      encodedBid,      bidSignature    )  }}